10 Jan 2013

Book published: Introduction to Systems Analysis

The book Introduction to Systems Analysis: Mathematically Modeling Natural Systems by Dieter Imboden and myself is now available. This is a textbook for non-maths students interested in applying (simple) mathematical models to environmental problems. I created a simple website for the book, originally with the idea to have many interactive examples of the models discussed in the book. Due to time constraints, only three examples are online: the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model, a “two-box model”, and a demonstration of substance dispersion in a lake. Read more...
4 Nov 2012

An occasional blog

My website, online since about 2002 in various forms, has finally gotten a facelift. The site is now generated by Pelican, after a brief foray into Octopress. Posts may or may not appear on an infrequent basis. Update June 2018: The website is now generated with Hugo.