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There is also public group documentation - collaborative and work in progress, with the sources on GitHub.

Current PhD students and postdocs

Franziska Bock
PhD (since 2021)
Benjamin Botor
PhD (since 2021)
Meijun Chen
PhD (since 2023)
Ema Gusheva
PhD (since 2021)
Jann Launer
PhD (since 2023)
Ivan Ruiz Manuel
PhD (since 2023)
Francesco Sanvito
Postdoc (since 2022)
Stefan Strömer
PhD (since 2023)


Fei Wu, (PhD, 2020-2024)
Senior consultant at Magnus Energy
Francesco Lombardi (Postdoc, 2021-2023)
Assistant professor at TU Delft
Arsam Aryandoust (PhD, 2019-2023)
Postdoc at MIT
Paula Borba (PhD, 2021-2023)
Postdoc at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
Bryn Pickering (Postdoc, 2019-2022)
Assistant professor at the University of Cambridge and research scientist at Arup
Suvayu Ali (Software developer, 2020-2022)
Scientific software developer at eScience Center Amsterdam
Jan Wohland (Postdoc, 2019-2021)
Associate professor (Climate Risk in Energy Systems) at the University of Oslo
Tim Tröndle (PhD, 2017-2020)
Postdoc at ETH Zürich